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The private search engine that summarizes the web. Increased privacy, extensible apps, and personalized results through preferred sources.


Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that’s working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. 


Cohere provides unprecedented access to affordable, easy-to-deploy large language models. The cohere platform gives computers the ability to read and write – whether you want to better understand what your customers are saying, or you want to write compelling copy that speaks to your target audience, Cohere can help.


Next-gen Relationship Management


Helping the world’s most innovative subscription companies solve their most pressing initiatives by igniting best-in-class subscription performance with Salesforce.

Leadplus Co., Ltd.

One stop digital marketing agency that provides integrated service for Inbound and Outbound marketing.

Baseconnect, Inc.

Baseconnect has built “Musubu,” a cloud-based B2B intelligence database for sales and marketing teams.

Fingerprint for Success

Fingerprint for Success is a professional and personal development platform for individuals and teams to make amazing things happen at work and in life.


Q-CTRL delivers infrastructure software to power the future of quantum computing and sensing with quantum control.

Traction Rec

Built on Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud platform, Traction Rec is a best-in-class program and member management CRM solution that helps community centers and nonprofit organizations efficiently and thoughtfully engage with its members and staff. At the heart is our desire to enable YMCAs, Jewish Community Centers and Boys & Girls Clubs of America to deliver their mission with measurable impact.

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