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  • Image of Protect AI founders

    Welcome, Protect AI!

    Announcing our investment in Protect AI, a category creator defining the MLSecOps space with a platform that addresses the security challenges faced by AI and ML systems.
    Rob Keith and Emily Zhao
  • Welcome, Pano!

    Welcome, Pano!

    Welcome Pano, a leader in early wildfire detection and intelligence, providing government, utilities, insurers, and private landowners with advanced tools and up-to-the-minute intelligence to quickly mitigate wildfire threats while protecting lives, property, and the environment.
    Claudine Emeott and Adrianna Alterman
  • Welcome, Runway!

    Announcing our investment in Runway, a pioneer in democratizing AI tools for a new generation of storytelling and content creation.
    Paul Drews and Emily Zhao
  • Welcome, Mnemonic!

    Welcoming Mnemonic, an NFT data and intelligence provider built for enterprise.
    Laura Rowson
  • Doubling down on our Generative AI Fund

    Doubling down on our Generative AI Fund

    Salesforce Ventures is expanding our Generative AI Fund from $250 million to $500 million.
    Salesforce Ventures
  • Welcome, Cohere!

    Our investment in Cohere, which provides access to advanced Large Language Models and NLP tools through one easy-to-use API.
    Rob Keith and Emily Zhao
  • Welcome, Anthropic!

    Welcome, Anthropic!

    Our investment in Anthropic, an AI safety and research company that's working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems.
    Paul Drews and Emily Zhao
  • Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund Report: Annual Results and Outlook

    A retrospective on what our impact team and portfolio experienced in 2022 & encouraging results from our annual impact report.
    Claudine Emeott, Adrianna Alterman, Enki Toto, Lauryn Poyser, and Channing Nesbitt
  • Salesforce Ventures Launches $250M Generative AI Fund

    Salesforce Ventures Launches $250M Generative AI Fund

    Announcing the launch of our new $250 million generative AI fund to bolster the startup ecosystem and spark the development of responsible generative AI.
    Salesforce Ventures
  • FY23 Year-in-Review

    At Salesforce Ventures, we are enthusiastic about the long-term, positive impact of enterprise technology. In recent years, we all have experienced a myriad of changes, some of which are proving to be enduring.
    Salesforce Ventures