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Typeface is the generative AI application to supercharge personalized content creation for businesses. By uniting content velocity with brand personalization and control, any enterprise can now create exceptional, on-brand content faster and easier than ever before.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an open-source community and platform that is building the GitHub for AI and ML. Its platform hosts 1M+ of repositories including AI & ML models, datasets, and other assets used in different parts of the ML workflow. The community has over 2 million users comprised of researchers, ML & software engineers, data scientists, and others who are either actively contributing to the open-source knowledge base or utilizing models, datasets, and other repos on the platform. The company has also built tools that enable users to go from testing and training models to deploying them and applications based on models in production easily and seamlessly.

Protect AI

A category creator defining the MLSecOps space with a platform that addresses the security challenges faced by AI and ML systems


Runway is an applied AI research company shaping the next era of art, entertainment and human creativity.


Pano AI (Pano) is the leader in early wildfire detection and intelligence, providing government, utilities, insurers, and private landowners with advanced tools and up-to-the-minute intelligence to quickly mitigate wildfire threats while protecting lives, property, and the environment.

Pano combines advanced hardware, artificial intelligence, and software in a single integrated enterprise solution. Leveraging data and satellite feeds, as well as propriety imagery from a network of ultra-high-definition, 360-degree cameras atop high vantage points, Pano’s artificial intelligence model produces a real-time picture of threats in a geographic region and delivers immediate, actionable intelligence.



The private search engine that summarizes the web. Increased privacy, extensible apps, and personalized results through preferred sources.


Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that’s working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. 


Cohere provides unprecedented access to affordable, easy-to-deploy large language models. The cohere platform gives computers the ability to read and write – whether you want to better understand what your customers are saying, or you want to write compelling copy that speaks to your target audience, Cohere can help.

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