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Sixfold AI

Sixfold AI is a purpose driven AI solution d designed to boost underwriting capacity, accuracy and transparency for insurers, MGAs, and reinsurers. Sixfold provides every underwriter with their own virtual team of researches and assistants to evaluate risk. The platform delivers greater efficiency and high quality user experience for the insurance industry.

Together AI

Together is a leading GPU cloud platform that serves optimized training and inference workloads. Their platform enables SMBs and enterprises to train and deploy either their own LLMs, or fine-tune and deploy an open-source model from Together’s extensive list of supported models. Together provides proprietary software stacks on top of the GPU clusters to ensure customers get the best performance and cost efficiency.

Ensemble AI

Ensemble AI is an AI Infrastructure company offering a dramatic leap in predictive insights.

Mistral AI

Developer of open-source AI models, aiming to improve the nature of work and solve the most challenging technical problems humanity faces.


Provides a Generative AI solution that assists customers in generating high-quality draft RFPs, tenders and bid proposals.


The single source of truth for African environmental data.


Tribble is positioned to be the world’s first AI-driven GTM automation platform to drive alignment and efficiency across Product, Product Marketing, Marketing & Sales teams.


Typeface is the generative AI application to supercharge personalized content creation for businesses. By uniting content velocity with brand personalization and control, any enterprise can now create exceptional, on-brand content faster and easier than ever before.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an open-source community and platform that is building the GitHub for AI and ML. Its platform hosts 1M+ of repositories including AI & ML models, datasets, and other assets used in different parts of the ML workflow. The community has over 2 million users comprised of researchers, ML & software engineers, data scientists, and others who are either actively contributing to the open-source knowledge base or utilizing models, datasets, and other repos on the platform. The company has also built tools that enable users to go from testing and training models to deploying them and applications based on models in production easily and seamlessly.

Protect AI

A category creator defining the MLSecOps space with a platform that addresses the security challenges faced by AI and ML systems

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