Welcome, AutogenAI!
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Welcome, AutogenAI!

Nowi Kallen, Alexandra Quie, and Sam Ackah-Yensu
December 14, 2023
  • Founder: Sean Williams
  • Sector: GenAI, Bid Writing
  • Location: London, UK

The Opportunity

The bid writing process is mired in the past. Many global enterprises require hundreds of staff working several months to submit a single bid, and the existing tech stack is wholly insufficient to support the needs of these organizations. The result is numerous underserved organizations wasting time, money, and effort writing failed bids.

The Solution

AutogenAI is revolutionizing the time-consuming and highly sensitive bidding process by introducing generative AI to the equation. The product is a unique combination of gen AI-native and bidding-first.

The AutogenAI team builds secure, bespoke language engines for Fortune 500 companies, international government agencies, management consultancies, and construction companies, as well as charities and nonprofits applying for grant funding. These language engines harness the power of large language technology to turbo-charge the sales function. By leveraging AutogenAI, organizations can draft high-quality bids quickly and accurately, giving them a significant leg up against their competition.

To date, AutogenAI has helped businesses achieve a 30% uplift in win rates and cut associated costs by up to 85%. The team has already seen immense interest from large corporations selling into the public sector—particularly amongst global consultancies, and companies in the construction and utilities sectors. AutogenAI was appointed to the UK Government’s AI Framework, allowing them to offer their services to all UK public sector organizations. AutogenAI also recently expanded services to the U.S. and Australia.

Why We’re Backing AutogenAI

AutogenAI is an excellent example of a company utilizing generative AI to address a real pain point in a verticalized market. The team’s combination of deep bid writing experience and technical expertise makes them well-equipped to build relevant solutions that address customer needs.

Our investment in AutogenAI represents our conviction that their software is a game changer for enterprises that secure business via tendering and drafting proposals. While every business is in the midst of being remade by generative AI, AutogenAI is far ahead of the market in terms of the capability of its technology.

AutogenAI is one of the fastest-growing companies we’ve encountered in the generative AI application layer space, and we’re excited to back the team as they continue to work to revolutionize the bid writing process.

What’s Ahead?

As one of AutogenAI’s customers said to us on a reference call, “This whole industry is about to change. Soon bid writers will become prompt writers. Anyone not using this technology will fall behind.”

We’re excited to partner with AutogenAI alongside Spark Capital, Blossom Capital, and other investors as the team works to further develop its bid-writing product suite to help businesses efficiently win more work.

Welcome to Salesforce Ventures, AutogenAI!