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Early-stage capital for the most enterprising founders

Early-stage capital for the most enterprising founders

Tony Jamous

Co-Founder & CEO, Oyster HR

Ashe Magalhaes

Founder & CEO, Hearth AI

Josh Miller

Co-Founder & CEO, The Browser Company

Slack Fund partners with early-stage founders who have big ideas about the ways people work together.

Investment Focus Areas

As part of Salesforce Ventures, Slack Fund partners with early-stage founders from Pre-Seed through Series A. We are long-term, patient partners who can support your journey towards building an enduring company. We’ve made over 100 investments since 2015 and have the capital base, along with Salesforce Ventures, to support founders from idea to IPO. We lean on experts across the Salesforce and Slack ecosystem for help with go-to-market, product-led growth, team building, and more.

Future of Work

Helping organizations, build, retain and enable hybrid organizations.

AI & ML Enabled Applications

The infrastructure and applications that help augment knowledge workers and enhance key workflows.

Developer Tools & Infrastructure

Enabling team to design, build, and scale world-class applications.

Vertical Software

Innovative solutions for sectors with outdated or non-existent software and processes.

Digital Commerce

Powering the next generation of brands and creators.

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Ever since investing in our seed round, Slack has been one of our most helpful investors. …We built a great partnership and product integration that our customers love, and Slack even became a customer.
Jack Altman, Co-Founder and CEO of Lattice

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The entrepreneurial journey of a solo founder often feels solitary, but with partners like Slack Fund, I've never felt alone. Their unwavering support and invaluable mentorship have been pivotal to my evolution as an entrepreneur, profoundly influencing our company's growth trajectory.
Claudiu Cioba, Founder and CEO of Videowise