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Jessica Bartos


Based in London, UK

Jess is an investor with Salesforce Ventures, focused on B2B software and fintech. Prior to joining Salesforce Ventures, she was an investor with AlbionVC investing in early-stage software businesses in the UK. Jess previously was an investment banker with Rothschild & Co advising on tech, media, and telecom mergers and acquisitions in New York and London. She also served in the Obama Administration as a Presidential Management Fellow working on infrastructure financing in emerging markets.

Jess is an American expat based in London. She earned a BA in history from the University of Pennsylvania (summa cum laude) and an MA in economics from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Jessica Bartos Welcome, Balance!


Welcome, Balance!

Our investment in Balance, a B2B ecommerce payment platform built for marketplaces and sellers.

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Jessica Bartos Welcome to the Miroverse: Unlocking Expression in the Enterprise


Welcome to the Miroverse: Unlocking Expression in the Enterprise

We all know “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Yet most software apps for knowledge workers only provide new ways to write and organize words — and little-to-no ability to collaborate visually. This problem is particularly acute in the new era of distributed work. In the past, you gathered around a whiteboard in a

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