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Katie Schwartz Thiry

Managing Director

Based in San Francisco, CA

Katie is a Managing Director at Salesforce Ventures and focuses her time on SaaS and industry-transforming healthcare and fintech companies. She looks for massive markets, mission-critical solutions, and strong teams. She has experience investing at multiple stages, ranging from seed to buyout, and has worked as an operator at early to growth-stage startups. She loves working side-by-side with entrepreneurs to help them build generational companies.

Since joining Salesforce Ventures, Katie has led the team’s investments in Airtable, BetterUp, DataRobot, Ironclad, ixLayer, Lyra, Modern Treasury, Spiff, Stord, and Wheel. Before joining Salesforce Ventures in 2020, she was an investor at Crosslink Capital and Vista Equity Partners. She started her career at Barclays and was an operator at Edison Software and Chime. Katie holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and received a bachelor’s in Politics from Princeton University.

Katie Thiry Welcome, Medallion!


Welcome, Medallion!

Our investment in Medallion, a modern provider management platform that enables healthcare companies to fully offload their clinician operations in one management platform

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Katie Thiry Modern Treasury: Improving the way businesses move and track money


Modern Treasury: Improving the way businesses move and track money

Today, many companies throw people at the problem. They hire people to handle payments; engineers to build bank integrations; and finance people to send checks and wires, reconcile payments, and close the books each month. This poor experience is primarily driven by the infrastructure that facilitates these transactions, which is arcane, slow, mostly manual, and

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